Zodiac Sign Destiny - Pendant or Keyring

Style: Pendant


Lovely and unique keychain or Pendant that will be stamped with the words "our destiny" in either English, Latin, or Irish Gaelic. 

There are also your two most important dates with the corresponding Zodiac Signs stamped on the disc.


The idea behind this pendant is to have two dates with the corresponding Zodiac Signs; for example, your engagement and wedding date, or your birthdates, or the birthdates of your children, etc; stamped on it. The dates will be around the top edge of the disc, the Zodiac Signs will be in the middle and the wording will be around the bottom edge of the disc. 


The 3cm Aluminium Disc will either be attached to a keyring or a 45cm long silver-plated necklace, depending on which one you choose. 

In your personalization please leave us the two dates for your disc and choose which language you would want to have stamped as well as if you wish to get this as a necklace or keyring.




As a Made-to-Order item please allow up to three weeks for your order to be processed.


Please read the following important information before purchase:

All our hand-stamped items are individually made and as the trade goes every single letter and adornment is imprinted by hammering it into the metal. Therefore each imprint may vary to another, letters might not always be perfectly aligned or the depths might vary. This is what makes these pieces so unique. 
At times some metal displacements can be seen on the backside of the item which is unavoidable as the metal elements are being moved within the piece (this is different from engraving!). All stamping, coloring, and polishing is done manually for this product. The letters and adornments are being colored using a special paint which can wear off over time. You can always freshen these up yourself or you can contact us to send the item back and we will do it for you (postage must be covered by the customer)


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