Wine Glass Charm - Christmas, Wedding, Birthday, Baby Shower, Communion, Easter

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These super cute handmade Wine Glass Charm look great for any occasion and will be an extravagant add-on..... plus these will make sure everyone keeps their own glass for the duration of the event.

We tried to get the sparkle the beads make on camera but, as with many things, the real thing is much better. So believe us when we say these look amazing.

They are available in the following themes:

Wedding, Christmas, Birthday, Easter, Communion, Baby Shower

and come in packs of either 2, 6 or 50


The Charm Wire and Charms are made out of silver-plated alloy with different colors of beads. Please leave a color preference and what theme.

In the 2 and 6 packs, there won't be any duplicates of charms. For the 50 pack, we will do our best to make it as variable as possible.


If you have an idea in your head and nothing we offer comes close, send us a message and we will do our best to make it happen 

As these will be made to order please allow a maximum of 3 weeks for delivery

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