Viking Knit Bracelet - silver and copper



This gorgeous wire woven bracelet is made out of an outer band of silver plated wire and has an inner band made out of copper wire.

The color combination of silver and copper gives this Viking Knit bracelet a unique look and its sparkle.

The Viking Knit, which is not knitting but rather a method of complex weaving is an old craft that has been used for hundreds of years and has not lost its uniqueness over all this time. The Knit ensures a sturdy bracelet that will last for years with the correct treatment. 

The wires are woven in single knits, are combined, and then closed with a handmade hook clasp. This bracelet style will be approx 4mm in width and is a gorgeous everyday accessory.

In the personalization let us know the length of the bracelet.

As this bracelet is hand-woven please allow us up to three weeks to make this bracelet.

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