"Sun & Moon" Murano Glass Sterling Silver Earrings



  • These stunning handcrafted sterling silver & 24k gold foil Murano glass beads earrings will dress up any outfit.  

  • The lentil shaped glass beads measures approximately 14 mmm diameter. These vibrant and contemporary glass beads will shimmer with elegance, day or night...

  • The placement of colour and sterling silver/24k gold foil is random and no two beads are exactly alike. Each bead is carefully selected from high quality artisans based in Venice, Italy. Every glass bead is handcrafted, and therefore truly unique...

  • High quality sterling silver lever-back ear hooks hold the earrings securely.


- Approx. weight of the earrings is 7 grams

- Approx. total length of the earrings is 3.5 cm


For the complete look, treat yourself of your loved one to the matching "Sun & Moon" necklace.




I take great pride in designing and making jewellery to the highest quality. Each piece is made and packaged with care. Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift, each purchase comes carefully wrapped in a beautiful gift box/pouch. Because a piece of jewellery should be truly special - a real pleasure to offer, to receive and to wear... 


All orders are shipped in a solid postal box and orders over €100 are sent by registered post for safe delivery. 




NAIIAD Contemporary Designer Jewellery - Elegant & Spirited - "Inspired by you, handmade for you."


Celebrating your own unique beauty and spirit, your strength and softness all at once. The essence of a woman… 


With their modern, sleek and strong lines, NAIIAD creations are bold, yet elegant and feminine. The very tactile creations appeal to the confident and independent women who embrace their femininity, who like to wear jewellery as unique as they are… Jewellery is not just the final touch to an outfit, it is a way to express one’s own individuality. And NAIIAD designs do just that with a unique mix of elegance, strength, spirit and sensuality…

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