Hipster Dad - choose your tie and hair color



Fathers Day Card with the word "Dad" cut as the background.

You can choose the hair color (the color of the cut words will be the same) and the color of the tie. Please leave your choice in the personalization.


 Scrapbooking techniques used: cutting, gluing, writing


Please keep in mind that due to the difference in display settings, colors may show differently on different screens. If you have any questions in regards to color, size, or anything else about my items, please feel free to send a message before purchasing.


Please read the following important information before purchase:

All our Cards are handmade. This means each card's design is cut and assembled by me. Each Card, while the overall style might be the same, will be different due to the nature of handmaking each one.  

Scrapbooking technique simply means all individual card pieces can be glued, stapled, embossed, cut, folded, or handled in any of the other hundreds of ways to assemble a unique item. 

While I will do my utmost to make each card perfect and seamless there might be times when a cut isn't completely straight, the color is slightly different on one part of the writing versus another part, some shapes will vary, and so on. All this adds to the uniqueness of the product and should not be seen as a flaw.


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