Gazing Through The Grasses



The original artwork of this Rabbit, is a wool painting using irish wool and specialised needles on fabric,its called Needle felting.

The title of this wool painting is Gazing through the grasses.

This print is professionally photographed, professionally printed on high quality paper. and professionally framed.

It is printed to the highest standard, using 13 chromatic inks on high quality paper, these prints are a true representation of the original artwork. My original artworks are framed in a white frame & these prints are framed in a black wooden frame.

Limited Edition, signed prints

This has been professionally framed, in a solid wooden frame with Black finish, with glass, size of this print and framed finished size is approx 23 inches x 26″

you will be amazed at the quality and you will see every detail of my originals in my Giclee prints 

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