Compact Mirror - Wedding Favour - Bridesmaid,Mother,Mother in Law, Sister



This gorgeous compact mirror is a unique and ideal gift to remember your special day for all members of your wedding party. The mirror is an accessory that can be used daily and is an appreciation token for having been a part of your big day.

The mirror case has an approx diameter of 6.5 cm, holds two mirrors inside, and has a handstamped plaque attached to the lid.

On the plaque it states:

In life there are milestones each rare & sweet, sharing with loved ones makes them complete. So having you near on my wedding day, you'll add to the memory in your special way. I have looked forward and also looked back, so many times you have kept me on track. Again and again you've come into view, so today I'm grateful for you.

The handstamped writing is done in a slim, swirly 3mm font and some small decorative hearts will be added. 


As a Made-to-Order item please allow up to 3 weeks for your order to be processed


All our items will be nicely wrapped and will come with (care) instructions (when applicable). During specific seasons (such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween) our packaging will be themed.


Please keep in mind that due to the difference in display settings, colors may show differently on different screens. If you have any questions in regards to colour, size, or anything else about my items, please feel free to send a message before purchasing.


Please read the following important information before purchase:

All our hand-stamped items are individually made and as the trade goes every single letter and adornment is imprinted by hammering it into the metal. Therefore each imprint may vary to another, letters might not always be perfectly aligned or the depths might vary. This is what makes these pieces so unique. 
All stamping, coloring, and polishing is done manually for this product.
At times some metal displacements can be seen on the backside of the item which is unavoidable as the metal elements are being moved within the piece (this is different from engraving!).


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