"Circle of Life" Sterling silver Persian Chainmail & gold Vermeil Necklace



  • This modern necklace is handmade with a delicate sterling silver Persian chainmail and a small hammered 24k yellow gold Vermeil* ring.
  • The chain mail section of this necklace is handcrafted with small Sterling silver rings assembled one at a time in the Persian weave. This chainmail is woven with a smaller ring for a light and feminine pendant combined with a 24k yellow gold Vermeil hammered flat ring.
  • The Vermeil ring measures approximately 15mm diameter.

The Sterling silver snake chain is 16 inches/40 cm long. Please contact me if you would like a longer chain  (18 inches/45 cm).

* About Vermeil - The "Circle of Life" collection by NAIIAD is available with 24k yellow or rose gold plated over Sterling silver. The thickness of gold plating is 2.5 to 3 microns according to industry standards for the label Vermeil.

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